Project Builder

The Australia In Focus Project Builder is the perfect tool to help the busy designer to prepare, present and order jobs with ease. Here are the easy-to-follow steps to creating, presenting, and requesting a quote for your projects.

You will need to select "Create Account" and go through the process of providing all the needed information for setting up a new account. Once you submit this information you will receive a success prompt. Please click continue and login.

Step 2 
Once you have logged in, you can then browse the available art and start collecting images for the project you are working on. When you locate an image you are interested in just select the "Add to Project" button for that image. Once selected, you will need to select the project you are adding it to or create a new project.

Step 3
Once you have collected the images you are interested in for the project you will then manage your project. When managing the project, you can load the images into the framer and build the frames to present to your client. Once you are happy with the framing, you can save the framed item into the project. The original unframed image will stay in the project so you can create different framed options for the client to review.

After you have completed the design process you will have the option to select the items you want as part of the project and either export a Pdf file to save and present to the client or select the items you want pricing on and request a quote.

Step 4
After submitting your quote request one of our team members will go through your request and quote your project. This quote will be submitted and you will receive an email alerting you to the update. You will need to login to your account to access and review the quote. From this point you can load into the cart and process the order.

Once logged into your account, add items to a project and save for your future reference.  You can keep the project open for as long as you need; make changes, add notes, side marks and even pricing.


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